TV’s Beccy gears up for Ironman challenge

Many people who don’t participate in sport often use the excuse: “I don’t have the time”.

Others make time in spite of their hectic lives and commitments.

Take TV presenter Beccy Barr.

She lives in Lancaster, has a demanding high-profile job in Manchester, and is a single mum with a six-year-old daughter.

And she is training to do the Ironman UK Triathlon in Bolton in July.

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Tall order for telly’s Beccy

At 6ft 2ins, Beccy Meehan admits she’s always been known as ‘that tall girl from Lancashire’.

But Beccy is hitting the heights where it matters in her broadcasting career.

Now she’s about to take on a towering challenge, taking part in the world’s highest ever rugby league match at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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